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XPD frequency converters use advanced space voltage vector SPWN control technology, adopts high performance power module and DSP chip, and has built-in current control loop, external support for a variety of extended IO card PG card (ABZ signal, complementary code form and differential form) and a variety of extended communication card (extended Modbus PROFIBUSDPCANOPEN). XPD inverters have good dynamic characteristics and super overload ability, to meet the customer's high quality, high reliability product requirements.

XPD AC motor soft starter is a new international advanced level equipment which adoption of power electronics technology, micro-processing technology and modern control theory design and production. The control circuit is simplified by adopting high performance microprocessor and powerful software support function. Consistent, accurate and quick speed of execution can be obtained without adjusting the circuit parameters.

All the electrical components of XPD are carefully screened, and the main control panel has been circle tested for 72 hours at high temperature and also passed vibration tested, and thereby the high reliability of the product can be guaranteed.