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Soft starter selection   1.) Select the soft starter and pay attention to whether the load is the standard load or the heavy load. Different types of starters are selected according to the nature of the load.
  If the load is centrifugal pump (fire pump, spray pump, water pump, etc.), it is necessary to use the pump control function to reduce the occurrence of system water hammer phenomenon caused by liquid flow shock when starting and stopping. Therefore, it is necessary to use the soft starter with pump control function.
  If the load is ventilator, use the soft starting function to reduce the belt wear and mechanical impact, and can use the braking torque function when the machine stops.
  If the load is mixer, crusher, hoist, etc., use double ramp start and preset low speed operation, avoid mechanical damage.
  If the load is a conveying device, soft start and low speed preset can be used to achieve smooth start and stop. Soft stop can eliminate the drag system anti-inertia impact caused by free stop and avoid product displacement and liquid overflow.
  2.) According to the rated power, current and load characteristics of the motor. In general, the capacity of soft starter is slightly larger than the working current of the motor, and when a few of heavy load of cement factory, should increase first gear to use, Such as: crusher, ball mill, elevator, long belt, mixer, fan, etc.
  3.) Other aspects, also need to consider whether the protection function is complete. Such as over current protection, over voltage protection, single-item grounding protection, upper and lower port off phase protection, three-phase unbalanced protection, phase reversal protection, etc. No overload protection, must be another heating relay protection.
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