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Describe the difference between soft starter and frequency converter.

Source: Describe the difference between soft starter and frequency converter.

Time: 2018-07-02 18:55:34

What’s difference between soft starter and frequency converter? What are the advantages of each? We summarized four points for your reference.

1.) The principle of soft starter is to use solid state relay to adjust voltage and speed by phase-shifting trigger, while the process of frequency converter to start the motor is frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be used for forward speed regulation, braking, reverse speed regulation and frequency conversion operation.

2.) Frequency converter is to change the frequency to start, it can start with load, there will be no impulse current, soft start is to reduce the voltage to start, starting torque will be affected, there is a certain impact current.

3.) Soft starter means step-down start, but the step-down value can be adjusted continuously and smoothly. Just like step-down start, it is at the cost of sacrificing starting moment. converter is to change the voltage and frequency at the same time, without reducing the torque, continuous regulation of speed.

4.) Soft starter is used for high-power motor to reduce the impact of large current on the motor and power grid at start up. Its working principle is in its specific start time from 0 voltage to full voltage to complete the motor start process; converter is to change the frequency of the output power supply to achieve the motor speed adjustment, it is generally used in the requirements of the speed of the equipment, of course, it can also achieve the normal start process of the motor.

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