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Installation of soft starter

Source: Installation of soft starter

Time: 2015-01-20 16:36:53

During the soft start installation process, there are some issues to be pay attention to:

1. Do not close to the heating element installation;

2. The specification of the motor should match the soft start;

3. The output end of soft start shall not be connected to the capacitor;

4. Sufficient space is left to ensure that cooling air circulates from the bottom to the top of the soft starter;

5. Ensure that no liquid or conductive material falls into the starter.

6. The protection level above the soft starter is IP00.

7. The protection level of the cabinet is at least IP23.

8. Ventilation shall be ensured.

9. If the ventilation is not sufficient, should strengthen forced ventilation device.

10.  A cooling fan is installed on the soft starter itself.

11. When the temperature higher than 50 , the fan automatic starting

12. The temperature fell to 40 , the fan stop working.

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