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XPD medium voltage 1140V motor soft starter device

XPD1140V/400KW motor soft starter device Shanxi Datong application site

  The XPD Series H-type soft starter is an innovative standard product that makes the drive system more flexible and less expensive.
  XPD Series H This high-performance digital/Chinese medium and high voltage motor soft starter is designed for standard medium and high voltage three-phase AC asynchronous and synchronous motors to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration of the motor.
  It uses high-quality series-parallel thyristors to steplessly control the output voltage and make the motor start and stop smoothly,also has fault protection functions such as overload, phase loss, and running overcurrent,can avoid the harmful impact on the grid caused by the excessive starting current of the motor effectively, use the high-power motor and extend its service life under limited grid capacity normally.
  The XPD Series H is suitable for all major standards in the world including high voltage 1.14KV, 2.3 KV, 3.3 KV, 4.16 KV, 6 KV and 6.6 KV, 10 KV)
  The standard output power range is from 100 KW to 6000 kW.
  • Reduce the starting current to avoid voltage drops and voltage dips in the power supply.
  • Smooth start to avoid product damage.
  • Extend the life of all mechanical components.
  • Eliminates current surges in the switchgear.
  • Protect the drive (thus extending its life)
  The products are widely used in large steel, petroleum, chemical, aluminum, fire, mining, sewage treatment, electric power and other industrial fields, and can be well matched with motor drive equipment. Such as: pumps, fans, compressors, crushers, mixers, belt conveyors and other mechanical and electrical equipmen
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